Been working on my startup

So as you have notice I really have not had time to do posting on my personal blog because I have been working on my brand new startup. Tech News Canada which you can find at but I’m butting out this post today to let people know that were looking for people that would … Continue reading

We’re launching All New Site

Well we’re going to be launching a brand new Canadian Tech Blog Were going to cover all the things that are going on in Canadian tech Please come over there and subscribe right now before site even launches and get some insider posts from our team

120Mbps broadband is Canada’s fastest, now available in Quebec City

Press Release Videotron Ultimate Speed Internet 120TM : Québec City Gets Canada’s Fastest Internet Access Service Québec City, September 21, 2010 – Videotron is rolling out a high-speed Internet access service that will give residents of the Québec City area the fastest speeds in Canada. As of tomorrow, Ultimate Speed Internet 120TM will support download … Continue reading