Window Phone 7 Event Today

Window Phone 7 was had there launch event today early in the morning this in New York where at&t show off there phone to the world that there going to have a ship time for window phone 7 Here A Great read for people who want to know all there is to know about window … Continue reading

App Chat Review

Were going to start do a weekly app chat show via: and to tell more about i make a video so here it is.

Window Phone 7

Hey Every i just hear that window phone 7 will be only available for GSM Model of window phone 7 in this year because i think there wait for LTE with 4G connectivity with becuause all cell company have began there slow move to TLE.

Microsoft Window Phone Dev Tool

Today Microsoft launch there window phone 7 dev tool and now up there for download. I try Early to download it for myself and there was an error so i going to try again later tonight. So if you head on over to you see the new great window phone 7.  While your there … Continue reading