We’re launching All New Site

Well we’re going to be launching a brand new Canadian Tech Blog Were going to cover all the things that are going on in Canadian tech http://technewscanada.co.cc Please come over there and subscribe right now before site even launches and get some insider posts from our team


hey everyone our podcast has now start on talkshoe.com i want to let you know you can listen here on my site search for emailforhelp in the itunes store and you will see my great podcast there now please give us your great feedback in the comment or @emailforhelp on twitter techpodcasts.com

To Buy Or Not To Buy

I Like to know what people think about buying the iphone four and not i want to get the iphone 4 on telus in canada or hold it will cost me less then $1500 to get an iphone or should i get a google phone i want the iphone for all it computer power

New Show Coming to emailforhelp

Were Going To Be doing A show like call For Help from the old tech tv day it going to be great so check out our new site Emailforhelp and do that were going to be going live stream with the greatest Streaming service Out Ustream.tv  Start E-mail You Tech question to question@emailforhelp.co.cc and more … Continue reading

protest update: Photo Update of protester and police

with more police on the way Plugin Blocker ↓ Unblock All Close