App Chat Review

Were going to start do a weekly app chat show via: and to tell more about i make a video so here it is.

What feature would like IOS 5

I was think to myself what will apple do next year for IOS 5 One thing I think apple should roll-out iPod touch with 3G data the would make apple iPod touch to a hole new market for people who want data plan with no phone service and it would just like an iPod touch … Continue reading

JailBreak Your ISO Device Right From The Web

Now You Can Jailbreak your ISO Device Right From you  iPhone or iPod Touch  Right From Safari On Your iPhone and iPod Touch and it’s Easy and Now It Just Take A Slide Of Your Finger.  Try it Out Now At Jailbreak Now with this new way of jailbreak is this mean what iphone and … Continue reading

To Buy Or Not To Buy

I Like to know what people think about buying the iphone four and not i want to get the iphone 4 on telus in canada or hold it will cost me less then $1500 to get an iphone or should i get a google phone i want the iphone for all it computer power

iPhone 3G S? Who cares?

from: Saturday, June 20, 2009 3:45 PM PDT The new iPhone 3G S is here! The new iPhone 3G S is here! Big deal. New cell phone hardware doesn’t matter that much anymore.What’s important now is software. And networks. Two years ago, the choice between an iPhone or an alternative to the iPhone was … Continue reading