Flipboard App For iPad

The Flipboard app by far the great way to read your twitter feed and Facebook feed in like newspaper format on the iPad. So Far the great app for iPad I finder yet. I gave put 9 out of 10 stars and the price is free so I think that everyone should have this app … Continue reading

First iPad

Today I got my first iPad and I’m ask for your help to find some of the greatest app out that are free for the iPad 2 please help in the comments

What feature would like IOS 5

I was think to myself what will apple do next year for IOS 5 One thing I think apple should roll-out iPod touch with 3G data the would make apple iPod touch to a hole new market for people who want data plan with no phone service and it would just like an iPod touch … Continue reading

300000 ipad on launchday in usa

apple has sold 300,000 ipad on the first day of ipad in USA and now apple is going to tell apple iPhone 4.0 software or iPhone and iPod touch and too come???

MacBreak Weekly 188: iPad Revealed!