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Waving GoodBye To 2009

Google Voice Review

Google Voice is pretty but I can only use us number and we can’t get Canada call forward to Canada number I’m hoping it will be coming out in Canada soon because I think it would be really cool so if you want to leave a voicemail on our google voice number is (650) 275-2518 … Continue reading

Google wave dev previw

Google is come along I think that is almost ready for the big times of using new HTML 5 with everything in real-time the internet as you come to know it is dead no more wait to update. Because update will just happen as they happen. And all the bot are great and if you … Continue reading

Google voice

Google Voice is a service that gives you one number for all your phones, voicemail that is easy as email, and many enhanced calling features like call blocking and screening, voicemail transcripts, call conferencing, international calls, and more. Google Voice is currently available for GrandCentral users only, but will be open to new users soon. … Continue reading