Facebook Now Allows You To “Download Your Information”

Facebook Now Allows You To “Download Your Information”: “ Whoah. Until now there hasn’t been a way to download info off of Facebook, but at today’s Facebook event in Palo Alto, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced a feature that allows users to port their data from Facebook in a .zip file, “People own and have … Continue reading

Facebook On And Off And On Again

Yesterday the Facebook site was down for about 45 min yesterday and they just turn off and restart it all and it back up now and work nominally but what do these mean for Facebook now people were tweet out all day that it was down

Has Facebook fatigue arrived?

This Blog Post Came From the star Some of the social network’s 67 million users are bored. But if growth is slowing among older people, the website is essential for those aged 12 to 34, who find that without Facebook, ‘you’re not in the loop’ Mar 07, 2008 04:30 AM Chris Sorensen Business Reporter Facebook … Continue reading