Winow 7 is just down the street but 3 day’s away

Ok guess what erveryone window 7 only 3 day away and I can wait for window 7 the best verdin of window ever if you going to get new PC wait the 3 days and you will get window 7.

Get your Copy of windows 7 today from Us

Download the Windows 7 Beta New to beta testing? Here’s what you need to know: You’ll need some technical skills, like knowing how to: Burn an ISO file to make an install DVD (A good example of what we mean by “technical”) Install Windows (of course) Backup and restore your PC (There’s a chance of … Continue reading

Turn your digital photo frame or desktop into a channel of great content!

Kate Abraham FrameChannel is a free web-based tool that lets you select and manage image content for your wireless picture frame or desktop. With over 200 channels of dynamic content, FrameChannel allows you to easily combine your own photos with news and entertainment channels, feeds from popular photo sharing sites, as well as photos sent … Continue reading

Using your Flash on your DSLR

Ray Maxwell Electronics Engineer, Color Scientist, Teacher, Speaker 1.What causes red-eye? 2.Off camera flash 3.Bounce flash 4.Using reflectors 5.Fill Flash outdoors Demo a direct on camera flash image. Demo a off camera flash image. Demo a bounce flash image. Demo the use of a reflector. Show outdoor shot with fill flash