Apple Store Down Last Night

The apple store is down most likely everywhere so what dose mean. It could be just maintain or it could be new MacBook Pro As of right now the store is back but I do not see any changes

Flipboard App For iPad

The Flipboard app by far the great way to read your twitter feed and Facebook feed in like newspaper format on the iPad. So Far the great app for iPad I finder yet. I gave put 9 out of 10 stars and the price is free so I think that everyone should have this app … Continue reading

Letter to developer of IPad apps

If you have an iPad app you’d like us to review to review on our blog please send me quick e-mail to our new e-mail address at with a redeem code if you can and the name of your app and a use for your app and I be glad to review a review … Continue reading

iPad calendar app

There are some thing that I’m not like all ready about the calendar app on the iPad the first thing is that there is to much going on.

What feature would like IOS 5

I was think to myself what will apple do next year for IOS 5 One thing I think apple should roll-out iPod touch with 3G data the would make apple iPod touch to a hole new market for people who want data plan with no phone service and it would just like an iPod touch … Continue reading