G20 Protest Toronto Anarchists Burning Police Cars and Looking For a Fight

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One Response to “G20 Protest Toronto Anarchists Burning Police Cars and Looking For a Fight”
  1. Joe Knipfel says:

    G20 takes the cake; it’s not bad enough that Stephen Harper acts like Canadian tax payers are made of money as he squander cash around the world and Canadians accumulate billions of dollars in debt and being taxed to death; but this G20 was disgusting. Protest groups were upbeat and peaceful consisting of; Justice for out community, Indigenous Rights marchers, Anti-Capitalist Convergence group and many other peaceful groups. Many came to protests about Canadian hunger and child poverty or just to get recognition for a cause being held deer. As G20 governing authority with extreme force arrests about 900 innocent protesting Canadian citizens conveying their freedom of expression for a better Canada and a better environmental world Canada becomes a stage. I watched media televise as arrests started with a death person that could not hear what he was being told by police, then media, individuals walking home after watching a soccer game in a local pub, tourists, graduates from the University of Western Ontario studying political science and peace studies, etc. Many were being held for 4 hours in a down pour of rain, kicked, beaten, disallowed bathroom privileges or food and possible medications. I watched video clips on news channels of the violence; many were showing the camera persons their bruises, cameras showed one media member being punched in the face by police for no apparent reason; another media member that was arrested talked about the person next to him showing signs of concussion and not receiving medical help. People from Canada, elsewhere and media trying to inform Canadians of what’s happening in Canada were being treated like animals by Canadian authorities in the eyes of the world. In embarrassment I felt like it was watching something out of Red Square. Who’s the thugs here the Canadian Government and Police or the Black Bloc protesters? Human rights have been smeared with disregard to the generations that have worked so hard to build it and for what Canada now use to stand for. If Blair referred to the Black Bloc protesters as “violent anarchists” what does that make Canadian Government and the Policing authority?

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