Kate’s Tips

  • Ideal Bite
    Green-lifestyle websites seem to be sprouting up all over, but Ideal Bite serves up eco-friendly tips with a mixture of heart and sass, and doesn’t ask you to compromise your personal style or comfort. Call it Green Lite; down to earth and practical, not preachy, Ideal Bite supplements its guidance with “Bang for the Bite” fun tidbits and “cocktail factoids” that speak to its playful approach. The advice is well-researched and delivered in series of persuasive and concise bullet points, followed by links to online shops that sell Earth-friendly goods like recycled wrapping paper and beeswax candles. One recent tip gave lazy gardeners permission to just leave the grass clippings where they lie after mowing the lawn; the clippings serve as a natural fertilizer, Ideal Bite pointed out, plus you’ll use fewer plastic bags and keep yard waste out of the local landfill. Sign up to receive a daily tip via email, or read them all in the site’s tip library.

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